Sector Automotive & Transport

Regulatory Challenges in the Automotive Industry

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The rapid evolution of connectivity and autonomous driving offers unique customer experiences, but at the same time poses major challenges to OEMs. Thereby, particular focus is set on Software Update Management Systems (SUMS) and Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS).

The Electric Vehicle market in data

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With electromobility the future will be eco-friendly, quiet and efficient. To better understand a market that has evolved strongly in recent years we have summarised public data and developed an "EV Ecosystem Dashboard."

How to build a software organization sustainably

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Traditional industry players are challenged wirth a rapidly growing digital environment. Hence, they are eager to speed up their transformation efforts and excel the transition from hardware to software provider to keep ahead of their competition.

International Mobility Days 2020

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Two exciting days of the WKO International Mobility Days 2020 in Vienna are over. Two days full of defining content, insights, and fruitful discussions in our designated B2B networking areas.

The road to cost-efficient decarbonized and zero emission transport

he transition from fossil-fuel powered to sustainably powered public transport is not only possible when carefully planned, but also cost-efficient and the preferred solution by the customers, operators and public transport companies. DNV and accilium have, together with clients and partners, successfully demonstrated that sustainable public transport is feasible.

Part III: Robo cabs in the city center – a not too far away scenario

A road that turns around a couple of trees inside a city centre.
Driverless Cars, renewed urban traffic concepts, new business models in and around mobility solutions – discussions about an autonomous future entail all of these vibrant topics, and so did our MaaS Conference in November 2019. Which are the challenges, cities and governments are facing? What technological solutions are already available, and which issues are vehicle manufacturers confronted with? Which role will data and data security take? What does autonomous driving entail for each individual and our everyday lives? And when and how will we get to the autonomous future?