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Sustainability: The Challenge

The realization of new business models, offerings and services for a decarbonized and sustainable society requires companies and local authorities alike to further develop their organizations. Only those who succeed in creating the necessary structures, know-how, processes and culture will be able to implement effective measures. Without internal transformation, there will be no externally effective activities that secure competitiveness and generate long-term resilience and measures towards sustainability.

Sustainability: Our Approach

Our comprehensive understanding of the mobility ecosystem and its progressive decarbonization as well as sustainable alignment helps our customers on their transformation path. We use the new tools Mobility as a Service, Shared Mobility, Vehicle to X, Automated Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems with our clients to generate new products and services. This content expertise coupled with our experience in organizational development of local authorities and companies creates our holistic approach.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Implementation EU Taxonomy and CSRD​
  • Implementation of the EU Supply Chain Act​
  • Analysis and monitoring of decarbonisation potentials​
  • Implementation of decarbonisation and sustainability measures​
  • Systemic stakeholder management​
  • Parking space reduction through mobility management
Oliver Danninger

“Economic, social and above all ecological sustainability are key transformation drivers for companies and organisations. The necessary decarbonisation of the economy and mobility now requires measures in order to secure the competitiveness of companies and regions.”​

Oliver Danninger

Associate Partner