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Digital platforms & marketplaces

The Challenge

Today’s companies are confronted with ever more rapidly changing environments in digital commerce. Physical retail stores are losing ground to new sales models and channels. One of the key drivers for growth, considering customer engagement and experience, are digital marketplaces. The establishment and operation of direct-to-customer marketplaces is a key success factor for companies across industries. 

Our Approach

In order to successfully establish and operate a direct-to-customer marketplace, we follow a three-steps approach – strategic decisionimplementation of Business Architecture and rollout. Together with our customers, we focus on the various building blocks, which are essential to establish the Business Architecture for the marketplace, including Business Processes, Business Rules, Governance Model, among others. 

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Identification of Core Business Processes ​
  • Definition of Business Rules ​
  • Business Process Management​
  • Customer Journey Design ​
  • Business Model Innovation ​
  • Power-BI based Dashboards ​
  • Definition of Governance Models 

accilium was awarded second place in the marketing category of Wirtschaftswoche’s Best of Consulting Award in the category digitalization. ​

Jennifer Duhs and her team supported a large premium car manufacturer with the digital transformation in the eCommerce sector.​

Jennifer Duhs

„Direct-to-customer marketplaces are the future of customer interaction in digital commerce. The establishment and operation of a direct-to-customer marketplace enables companies to streamline their processes and gives them a direct interface to their customers including valuable first-hand insights as a competitive advantage.”

Jennifer Duhs