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Agile organization

The Challenge

The Business environment is nowadays extremely dynamic. Change is the only constant. Today’s companies are confronted with ever more rapidly changing environments for their business activities. Products and services are getting more digital and complex, customer behavior is becoming more volatile and less predictable, and the changing self-image of employees requires new leadership and collaboration models. To stay relevant large organizations, need to improve their ability to respond to change.

Our Approach

Our approach is to give organizations the foundation to master the upcoming challenges with a broad set of agile tools and the overall agile framework. Starting with an evaluation and identification of where and to what maturity agile ways of working is bringing the most value to the organization.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Agile coaching & methods training
  • Agile maturity model
  • Agile process design
  • Agile project and program management
  • Digital Design Sprint
  • Lean agile Budgeting
  • SAFe Implementation
  • Self-organization with OKRs
Michael Jetschni

“The agile transformation journey is not a project, it is an ongoing process and change inside an entire organization. With our agile transformation services, we empower organizations to embrace change proactively and identify the most valuable approaches in accordance with your organization to accelerate time-to-value and strengthen the organization adaptability.”

Michael Jetschni

Senior Manager