Steep gaze upwards in the direction of the pointed skyscrapers that surround the viewer. Away from them, the blue sky can be seen.


More than just a Management Consultancy

The ongoing megatrend of urbanization makes cities all over the world grow in size, putting high pressure on the mobility infrastructure. As a Management Consultancy we can only do so much as helping our clients develop the right strategy to not just be prepared for the future, but to contribute significantly in building it. As restless entrepreneurs, we venture out to and start building businesses with a similar idea in mind “building a more sustainable and customer centric mobility ecosystem for the future”.

accilium ventures

accilium ventures specializes in the vast potential of early-stage investments in accilium’s core specialty areas. They are dedicated to amplify accilium’s mission to spearhead tomorrow’s mobility evolution.


andamp uses the power of technology to empower people in what they are doing. Depending on their ideas and needs, andamp develops, shapes, and improves software products to increase the digital resilience of their clients. supports clients in the planning and implementation of transformation projects. In order to be able to offer the full spectrum of change architecture, they work together with a wide range of experts and partners.


ecoquadrat enables the economic design of energy and mobility communities in Austria. Their experts and service partners analyse and plan energy and mobility communities for clients.