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Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture: The Challenge

​In the face of digitalization, data & IT services in organizations are spreading rapidly.​ Accordingly, organizations must​

  • gain transparency on processes, data and IT systems​
  • align business- & IT landscapes with their strategic goals​
  • follow a forward-looking, trend-scouting approach (with regard to architecture and capabilities).​

Enterprise architecture (EA) management represents the holistic concept – which helps finding the appropriate setup.

Enterprise architecture: Our Approach

At accilium, we understand the concepts of enterprise architecture. Our project experience, moreover, convinces us of the following guiding principles

Start at the top!

  • Top management must trigger and support any EA activities
  • Strategic business- and IT goals need to be identified first, depicted and considered during EA activities

Think big, eat little – but eat!

  • Have an architectural vision
  • Start with a subset of IT services (we recommend: the business-critical parts)
  • Follow a pragmatic, hands-on approach and achieve early results

Evolve and involve!

  • The success of enterprise architecture activities critically depends on willingness – keep stakeholders incl. top management involved (business and IT)

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Capability management​
  • Enterprise architecture development (business, data, applications, technology)​
  • Organizational design​
  • Transformation planning & roadmapping​
  • Transformation change management​
  • Strategic project portfolio management​
  • Organizational change management