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Enterprise architecture management

The Challenge

The success of digitalization initiatives strongly depends on data & IT services which are core components of a structured Enterprise Architecture. To sustainably achieve strategic goals, organizations should align their business capabilities with their Data & IT services based on:

  • Transparency on processes, IT systems, technologies and data
  • Derived business- & IT-landscapes 
  • A holistic data ecosystem by breaking down data silos

Our Approach

At accilium, we understand the various concepts of enterprise architecture management, including:

  • Assessment of the current EAM maturity
  • Mapping business capabilities with applications and technologies
  • Information System landscape assessment
  • Creation of an IT modernization roadmap plan for implementation and development of a modern IT landscape

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • EAM Maturity Assessment
  • EAM-Implementation
  • Capability-based Planning
  • IT modernization planning
  • Architecture Design and Data Governance

“Enterprise Architecture Management is a strategic discipline that enables organizations to design their business processes, application and technology landscape in a coherent and effective way resulting in better decision making and  harmonized IT Portfolio .”

Peter Allan

Managing Partner