Something that looks like a computer motherboard with chips and wires glows green. The rest of the picture is black.

Cloud transformation

The Challenge

Cloud Computing is a key enabler for the ongoing digital transformation of the private and public sector. Rising data volume, high demand for innovation and speed as well as an increasingly connected mobility ecosystem make cloud computing an indispensable infrastructure  technology.

While many small and medium sized organizations are to define their cloud migration strategy, large-scale organizations often need to sort their historically grown and fragmented cloud landscape. Rising pressure for efficiency across the industries additionally requires cost and infrastructure optimization, agile working modes and specific focus on high security standards.

Our Approach

Our accilium approach is to combine entrepreneurial spirit with comprehensive cloud expertise in

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud organization
  • Cloud governance

We complete our offering through technical knowhow from our inhouse venture &amp to offer

  • Technical migration & integration
  • DevOps
  • Monitoring (e.g. Security, Sustainability, Cost)

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Cloud Value Chain Strategy
  • Financial & Cost Management, esp. FinOps
  • Enterprise-level reporting
  • Definition of product, incl. delivery & billing model
  • Transformation into Product Organization
  • Customer Experience (Customer research & analytics, Customer Journey definition, external communication)
  • Cloud Security (e.g. process definition)
  • Large-scale collaboration projects (e.g. GAIA-X, IPCEI CIS)
Christian Schneider

“Cloud Computing is everywhere. During the past years, it transformed within organizations from being a purely reactive measure to reduce cost and boost innovation to manifesting itself as a proactive strategic driver.”

Christian Schneider