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Procurement & supply chain

The Challenge

In the post-Covid era, the topics of resilience, sustainability and cost pressure dominate. As a result, companies are facing complex challenges. It’s crucial to increase the level of automation in the supply chain, complying with external ESG & CSRD & ‘LkSG’ guidelines while maintaining resilience in volatile markets. This drives the need to optimise procurement and logistic processes in close coordination with the business. Companies must respond to rising costs and regulatory complexity while ensuring transparent, profitable and efficient supply chains.

Our Approach

We enable our clients to tackle these challenges by combining industry knowledge, functional expertise and digital competence in Procurement & Supply Chain. Starting with strategic questions, we are able to assess the maturity level of the current organisation and identify relevant potentials. We work closely with our customers to derive the right measures and also support to manage the implementation. Our aim is to generate added value from day 1 on the project with the help of best-in-class expertise on processes and tools.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Evaluation and design of high-performance target operating models
  • Holistic process & cost optimization
  • Evaluation and increase of the digital maturity level in purchasing processes and the supply chain
  • Execution of RFx
  • Evaluation and design of risk and supplier management capabilities
  • Ensuring regulatory requirements in the supply chain (ESG, CSRD & LkSG)
Markus Petzel

“The current times require fundamental optimisation and digitalisation initiatives in purchasing and supply chain functions. These functions are crucial to a company’s overall success. They must efficiently ensure resilient processes.”

Markus Petzel

Senior Manager