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Leadership & New Work

The Challenge

Welcome to the digital revolution! Companies and organizations undergo a thrilling metamorphosis, ditching old-school hierarchies for agile, decentralized models. Say goodbye to traditional bureaucracy and hello to more modern approaches.

Size and efficiency are no longer the holy grail in the digital landscape. Instead, we’re embracing decentralized, collaborative leadership that empowers employees to take the reins.

It’s an exhilarating time when innovation thrives, and creativity reigns supreme. Let’s boldly embrace the challenges of New Leadership and New Work and watch as the future unfolds before our eyes!

Our Approach

We trust in the power of humans, their creativity, and the ability to collaboratively build better ideas together. We follow principles that put reflection, learning by doing, pragmatism, and collaborative learning into the core of our doing. We use human-centered design approaches to create ecosystems of change and future thinking. We bridge the dilemma from established ways of doing where mandate, power, and authority drive change and between building movements of change that build upon understanding people’s aspirations and inviting them into the change process.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Experimental strategy and change journeys
  • (Cultural) Business and service design
  • (Digital) Design and innovation sprints
  • Consent-oriented decision-making mechanisms
  • Objective and Key Results
  • Purpose-driven organizations and behavioral change
  • Leadership development programs
  • Team development programs
Sebastian Busse

“In the digital age, as traditional structures give way to agile forms, the true leadership emerges not from the hierarchical summit, but from the nurturing guidance of those who empower their teams to embrace initiative and responsibility. This new era demands a shift from centralized command to decentralized collaboration, where the true measure of success lies not in size or efficiency, but in the fostering of creativity and innovation and humanity.”

Sebastian Busse

Associate Partner