The Electric Vehicle market in data

A car, seen from the right side, driving towards the sunset on a road in between two fiels of grass. on the right side of the street a solar plant is visible.
With electromobility the future will be eco-friendly, quiet and efficient. To better understand a market that has evolved strongly in recent years we have summarised public data and developed an "EV Ecosystem Dashboard."

How to build a software organization sustainably

A colourful html data set on a screen that vanishes towards the right side of the picture into a darker shade.
Traditional industry players are challenged wirth a rapidly growing digital environment. Hence, they are eager to speed up their transformation efforts and excel the transition from hardware to software provider to keep ahead of their competition.

Digital Process Management & Cyber Security for SMEs

Die digitale Transformation, ein Buzzword wie es im Buche steht, seit Jahren spricht man davon, trotzdem gibt es im Detail, vor allem auf prozessualer Ebene, oft noch ein größeres Fragezeichen. Zum Beispiel bei der Frage wie Digitalisierung im eigenen Unternehmen am Besten umgesetzt werden kann.

International Mobility Days 2020

View from what seems like the top of a train towards a right turn of the tracks in blue colours. Over that the Advantage Austria Logo in red is visible.
Two exciting days of the WKO International Mobility Days 2020 in Vienna are over. Two days full of defining content, insights, and fruitful discussions in our designated B2B networking areas.