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Inspirational sustainability

From different motivators to transparent sustainability reporting requirements: schubert.talks 2023 shed light on what companies will have to face with the CSRD.

International Mobility Days 2020

View from what seems like the top of a train towards a right turn of the tracks in blue colours. Over that the Advantage Austria Logo in red is visible.
Two exciting days of the WKO International Mobility Days 2020 in Vienna are over. Two days full of defining content, insights, and fruitful discussions in our designated B2B networking areas.

Clean, quiet, safe: What mobility mix does a livable city need?

Günter Steinbauer, Alexander Hotowy und Alexandra Reinagl stehen auf einer Bühne bei einer Live-Streaming-Veranstaltung und sprechen miteinander.
Rund um die Fragestellung “Sauber, leise, sicher: "Welchen Mobilitätsmix braucht die lebenswerte Stadt?” haben die Wiener Linien zu einem spannenden Tag in die Remise des Verkehrsmuseums in Wien, moderiert von Alexander Hotowy, Managing Partner von accilium, geladen.

From hype to everyday usability – Hydrogen

ESTIMATED READING TIME: 1 min 53 sec On Thursday, the 30th of January, Jacques Schill and Johannes Scherrer, had the pleasure to attend the WKÖ event “H2B – Wasserstoff trifft Wirtschaft”, and listened to inspiring speakers on how hydrogen could be a…

First Global VR Recruiting Day

Struggling to find the right talent? This is how we address that challenge at accilium. Companies from around the globe are in a war for talent – not only to find employees with the right qualifications but today’s younger generations…

MaaS Conference 2019: It’s a wrap!

Two exciting days of MaaS Conference in Vienna are over. Two days full of defining and informing content, two days of relaxed and engaging networking. Together with our two partners Business Circle and NewMoto and host Christian Clerici we have delivered a package that will last. Last…