First Global VR Recruiting Day

Struggling to find the right talent? This is how we address that challenge at accilium.

Companies from around the globe are in a war for talent – not only to find employees with the right qualifications but today’s younger generations looking for a job are only willing to join a company if it’s a cultural fit.

While this is not easy to communicate via website or job postings, it is an important ingredient for a candidate’s decision-making. There is another key aspect in the life of today’s young professionals – an extremely high degree of digitalization, and not surprisingly this is what applicants naturally expect from a future employer too.

At accilium we encourage everyone to contribute ideas that help and support our clients or improve our internal processes. Startup-like we are constantly starting new experiments to validate if these could be viable cases in tomorrow’s professional world.

One of these experiments was based on the question how our recruiting could be digitalized in a way that enables us to communicate our culture while exposing our high degree of digitalization. We answered that question with the world’s first Global Virtual Reality Recruiting Day and we can proudly announce: It works!

The first Global VR Recruiting Day 

On the 30th of January our excitement peaked around 7pm (UTC+1) when we didn’t know how many of the applicants would actually join us in Virtual Reality (VR). Slightly tensed if we had thought of everything, persons from Chile, Germany, Austria and other locations started to jump in, joining our virtual room which we prepared for the big day.

In the end everything worked out beyond expectations – in the beginning it was a bit unfamiliar to present to more than 10 international young professionals via VR but at the same time it was exciting to see that so many participants were curious to be first movers.

“I never thought it would be possible to experience the feeling of being in the same room with people from around the world – This is a game changer for our HR team”Julia Gattringer (accilium, People Operations)

After 50 minutes of introducing accilium’s Vision and Mission, presenting our 3D career path and open job postings, we held a virtual Q&A session, where participants had the chance to ask questions about general aspects and our day to day business.

We closed the VR Recruiting Day asking the participants for their feedback in order to gather learnings for the next time. What we heard made us sure that there will be a next time.

“We could not estimate how big the technical hurdle for the participants would be, nor whether our presented content would convey the right message – classic characteristics of an experiment. However, the feedback from the people attending during and after the VR Recruiting Day exceeded our expectations by far.”Nikolas Wageneder (Manager acc’s Lab Virtual Reality)

What the participants had to say:

What’s next? The future of sustainable global talent sourcing

Always thinking of mobility concepts of the future we see technologies like Virtual Reality to be enablers for a climate-friendly mobility. That is, to our believe, one of the major achievements of our experiment – besides saving costs and attracting our target group of digital natives. Everyone was able to join from their couch or a place of their convenience without having to wait for the next career fair or travelling to our office.

Looking at HR and recruiting processes from a more general perspective this was only the first of many experiments to come. Stay tuned and find out about the next “big-first”. 

To find out more details on how we planned and executed the VR Recruiting Day, just download our slide deck.