A complex system of wires, gear wheels and tyres.

Future engineering

The Challenge

Product development is facing unprecedented challenges: Software is moving to the centre, highly connected products, rapidly changing customer needs, desire for sustainable products, overflowing regulation – in one sentence: companies have to manage a much higher complexity in a much shorter time under stricter regulations, they are in need for successful future engineering.

Our Approach

In our many years of experience with digital transformation projects in the development sector, 4 Building Blocks have emerged which need to be overcome:

  1. Product development according to Systems Engineering, tailored to the respective company reality
  2. Central and holistic enterprise architecture management
  3. Understanding and aligning the organization with software development processes
  4. Managing data & datastreams

With our highly qualified team, certificated in Systems Engineering (SE-ZERT Level B), Enterprise Architecture Management (TOGAF) and ASPICE (Competent Assessor) we look forward to analyze your status quo and derive customized service offerings for you.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Systems engineering maturity assessment
  • Systems engineering implementation (hands-on)
  • Enterprise architecture maturity assessment
  • Tayloring of enterprise architecture management
  • Transformation into a software company
  • Building a data-centric business and IT architecture
Johannes Florian

“Mobility is facing major changes. Regardless of where future mobility is heading, one thing is certain: engineering must radically transform to remain fit for the future.”

Johannes Florian

Senior Manager


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