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Future engineering

The Challenge

Product development is facing unprecedented challenges: Software is moving to the centre, highly connected products, rapidly changing customer needs, desire for sustainable products, overflowing regulation – in one sentence: companies have to manage a much higher complexity in a much shorter time under stricter regulations, they are in need for successful future engineering.

Our Approach

In our many years of experience with digital transformation projects in the development sector, 4 Building Blocks have emerged which need to be overcome:

  1. Central and holistic enterprise architecture management
  2. Understanding and aligning the organization with software development processes
  3. Managing data & datastreams

With our highly qualified team, certificated in Systems Engineering (SE-ZERT Level B), Enterprise Architecture Management (TOGAF) and ASPICE (Competent Assessor) we look forward to analyze your status quo and derive customized service offerings for you.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Systems engineering maturity assessment
  • Systems engineering implementation (hands-on)
  • Enterprise architecture maturity assessment
  • Tayloring of enterprise architecture management
  • Transformation into a software company
  • Building a data-centric business and IT architecture
Johannes Florian

“Mobility is facing major changes. Regardless of where future mobility is heading, one thing is certain: engineering must radically transform to remain fit for the future.”

Johannes Florian

Senior Manager