A complex system of wires, gear wheels and tyres.

Future engineering

The Challenge

Vehicle development is facing unprecedented challenges: Software is taking center stage, highly connected products, rapidly changing customer needs, the desire for sustainable products, excessive regulation – in a nutshell: Vehicle development has to cope with greater complexity in less time under stricter regulation.

Our Approach

We firmly believe that consequent digitalization is still the key enabler for overcoming the challenges of our time. Based on our many years of strategy and management consulting experience in vehicle development, we have identified 5 key differentiators for OEMs and suppliers to remain competitive.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

In recent years, we have been able to build up a considerable track record with OEMs and suppliers along these 5 key differentiators. We are happy to provide project references on request. Here is an excerpt of our consulting services:


Transformation to the software defined vehicle

  • How can traditional OEMs develop a software defined vehicle decoupled from their legacy and ensure the return of proven solutions to the legacy?
  • Impact of the software defined vehicle transformation on OEMs and suppliers
  • Strategy, conception and operationalization of processes and tools to make vehicle development fit for the future
  • Strategic technology and vendor decisions (make or buy, vendor selection, strategic vendor partnerships, etc.)
  • Use of Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) and Free and Open Source (FOSS) software


Modern & lean application


Automation & virtualization

  • Creation of organizational and technological foundations for data-centric vehicle development and the use of AI
  • Evaluation and selection of AI providers for specific use cases in vehicle development
  • Ideation of AI use cases in vehicle development
  • Analysis of vehicle data and derivation of requirements for the use of AI (e.g. for accident avoidance)
  • Strategy, conception and operationalization of OEM cooperations and joint ventures for vehicle development
  • Enabling joint vehicle development (organizational, process-related, technological) in compliance with all legal requirements
  • Optimal strategic use of initiatives such as Catena-X


Strategic cooperations


Product compliance & traceability

  • Enablement of processes and tools for vehicle development according to systems engineering and ASPICE
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements such as SUMS, CSMS, EU7, Battery Pass and derivation and operationalization of necessary process and tool adaptations
Johannes Florian

“Mobility is facing major changes. Regardless of where future mobility is heading, one thing is certain: engineering must radically transform to remain fit for the future.”

Johannes Florian

Associate Partner