Is there a future for e-mobility?

With this phrase the first of 28 profound keynote speaker started the “4th E-Mobilität Jetzt” event 2018. The conference was held at the prestigious Schloss Schoenbrunn, Vienna. With a comprehensive program on topics regarding the ecosystem of electric mobility the automotive, energy and public sectors were brought together.

Several barriers for successful implementation were discussed. This included the right business models for the charging infrastructure, operating models for fleets and public transportation as well as latest development in charging and vehicle technology. 

The main barriers have to be tackled with joint forces from the three main sectors automotive, energy and public. Coming back to the initial question we strongly believe that with a holistic view there is a future for electric mobility. Three potential key points are:​

  • Implementation of good mobility models and traffic incentives, not just good business models​
  • Establishment of new value added networks across historically separated sectors​
  • Inclusion of politics at an early stage and customer centric demonstration projects

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