A red bus crossing close to the view of the photographer. It is night, there are street lights visible and the view vanishes because of the fast passing of the bus.


Our client portfolio 

accilium is a boutique consultancy with offices in Vienna, Berlin and Munich. Its focus is the mobility ecosystem of the future and digitalization. In a rapidly changing environment, industries are forced to adapt to new customer behaviors or they will become extinct.

The mobility ecosystem of the future poses great challenges not only to the automotive manufacturers but above all to utilities and the public sector, including cities and local authorities.

Even more, none of those sectors will find answers to these challenges by themselves. In order to build a sustainable, customer-centric mobility ecosystem of the future, intensive cross-sector collaboration and inclusion of innovative solutions from the startup environment are required.

accilium is the orchestrator, with in-depth process knowledge, that…

  • initiates the dialogue between the automotive, energy and public sector and
  • accelerates the collaboration by setting up efficient and insightful projects.

A selection of our clients