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Clients and Partners

Our client portfolio 

accilium is a boutique consultancy with offices in Vienna, Berlin and Munich. Its focus is the mobility ecosystem of the future and digitalization. In a rapidly changing environment, industries are forced to adapt to new customer behaviors or they will become extinct.

The mobility ecosystem of the future poses great challenges not only to the automotive manufacturers but above all to utilities and the public sector, including cities and local authorities.

Even more, none of those sectors will find answers to these challenges by themselves. In order to build a sustainable, customer-centric mobility ecosystem of the future, intensive cross-sector collaboration and inclusion of innovative solutions from the startup environment are required.

accilium is the orchestrator, with in-depth process knowledge, that…

  • initiates the dialogue between the automotive, energy and public sector and
  • accelerates the collaboration by setting up efficient and insightful projects.

A selection of our clients

Platform Partner

Mobile and digital solutions are fundamentally interrelated and cover many verticals.

That is why we built a platform of partners and make delivering in agile teams a core competence.

Partner Logo Arthur Technologies

Arthur Technologies

The start-up Arthur supplies the technology for accilium’s virtual reality workshop methodology. Together, we help our clients integrate Arthur’s virtual reality solutions from both a technical and a process perspective. Arthur is an enterprise collaboration solution that focuses on virtual reality team meetings. The product is designed to facilitate remote collaboration for enterprise teams dealing with complex challenges, such as product meetings, strategy sessions or creative workshops. Enabling lifelike collaboration in virtual 3D space, Arthur combines the collaborative power of physical meetings with the location independence of videoconferencing.


crossconnect works with accilium to develop new data driven business models for clients in various industries, whereby crossconnect has special expertise in the telecom and banking industries.

Partnerlogo DNV GL

Smart Energy

DNV GL unites the strengths of DNV, KEMA, Garrad Hassan, and GL Renewables Certification. DNV GL’s 2,500 energy experts support customers around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply. We deliver world-renowned testing, certification and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our testing, certification and advisory services are delivered independent from each other.

Logo EnliteAI

Digitalization & Artifical Intelligence

EnliteAI is a full-range service provider for Artificial Intelligence, from AI strategy to implementing AI research into practice. Together we are developing sustainable business models, data strategies and AI-driven solutions for customers in the mobility, energy and public sectors.



iCondu and accilium work together in the areas of process digitalization and change management in R&D for vehicle development.

Logo intech


We supplement in-tech’s technical expertise in software architecture, software development, systems engineering, and test methods, by offering process implementation expertise. Together, we develop and implement new (e-)mobility solutions.

Logo Karma + Pitch

Karma + Pitch
Digital Marketing & Storytelling

Karma + Pitch is a digital marketing and storytelling agency collaborating with accilium to not only promote the mobility ecosystem of the future and build a community around it but also to support accilium’s clients to tell compelling brand stories with high-class content in the digital world of today and tomorrow.

Logo Power Solution

Power solution

power solution works with accilium on electric mobility on topics such as electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy markets. power solution combines many years of experience in strategic energy procurement with a high technical know-how.

Logo Senat der Wirtschaft

Senat der Wirtschaft
Economy & Sutainability

The SENAT DER WIRTSCHAFT, as a non-partisan business organisation, is a driving force for the promotion of a sustainable society and a global eco-social market economy. They offer practice-oriented know-how for entrepreneurs and political decision makers.