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Strategic alliances & cooperations

The Challenge

Entering strategic alliances & cooperations is a key element within an organization‘s growth and digital transformation plan as it offers the potential to increase flexibility and time to market as well as foster economies of scale and synergies. Forming and maintaining corporate partnerships requires careful planning, communication, and collaboration to navigate various challenges that range from cultural differences, misaligned goals to technical, legal or regulatory issues.

Our Approach

Corporate partnerships can offer many benefits, such as increased revenue, improved brand recognition, and access to new markets or technologies. accilium focuses on providing advice along the entire collaboration life cycle from strategy to execution. Due to many years of experience in large-scale cooperation & joint venture projects we understand the underlying complexity and explain you what it needs to unlock your entire cooperation potential.

Our Service Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Development of collaboration / third market strategies
  • Definition of sustainable IT target structures and landscapes
  • Conception of data exchange solutions
  • Requirements management & system roll-out management
  • Definition of standard business processes and collaboration interfaces
  • Definition and establishment of efficient (project) organizations in joint projects
Jakob Mozyszek

“The increasing complexity and interconnectivity of global markets demand collaborative approaches to tackle challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Accordingly, cooperations do offer great business opportunities – though it is all about the right way to do it.”

Jakob Mozyszek

Associate Partner