From hype to everyday usability – Hydrogen


On Thursday, the 30th of January, Jacques Schill and Johannes Scherrer, had the pleasure to attend the WKÖ event “H2B – Wasserstoff trifft Wirtschaft”, and listened to inspiring speakers on how hydrogen could be a sector coupling solution in green power production, refining and mobility.

Within the framework of the event, exciting lectures and the opportunity to network with representatives of the hydrogen economy were offered. One of the keynotes held by Mary-Rose de Valladares, General Manager at International Energy Agency (IEA) for Hydrogen, was on how renewable hydrogen could be an important pillar on the way towards a decarbonized energy system and how hydrogen solutions can be implemented in various industry aspects.

Hydrogen technology brings both challenges and opportunities for the domestic economy as Jürgen Streitner from the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism elaborated. But are we dealing with hype again?

Not really, as it was very exciting to hear that there are a lot of initiatives and measures towards a leap into an everyday usability – real life use cases where presented by Ewald Perwög from MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH as well as Marie-Theres Holzleitner from WIVA P&G – Wasserstoffinitiative Vorzeigeregion Austria Power & Gas.

“Renewables are the starting point of Hydrogen”

This statement was agreed upon in each keynote and we couldn´t agree more. An increased integration and implementation of green hydrogen and other hydrocarbons (which are produced from hydrogen) such as methane, is necessary for a variety of environmental and economic reasons – such as decarbonization, the need for long-term energy storage, alternative energy transmission solutions, etc.

Nevertheless, it became clear during the presentations that there are still some hurdles to overcome, but we are thrilled to see that there is a lot of activity in the field of hydrogen and we are looking forward to continue the stakeholder dialog with representatives from the automotive, energy and public in the future.

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