On talent hunt with VR glasses

Organized by students for students, the KissMe Career Fair is an annual get together of companies from all over Germany, Hannoverian students and soon to be graduates. Taking place in Hannover since more than 20 years, the fair brings together various disciplines and offers a colorful mix of people, interests and knowledge. 

For the first time, accilium also mingled among the 29 exhibitors from fair day two. Equipped with VR glasses and goodie bags, four acc’sies Julia Gattringer, Leonhard Kühne-Hellmessen, Martin Banzhaf and Rahel Winkelmann got themselves on the lookout for new mobility and digitalization enthusiasts.

Future Recruiting in Virtual Reality?

While accilium offered a larger audience a deep-dive in future mobility solutions in the form of a lecture under the title “Shaping tomorrow’s mobility with accilium” there were also many individual talks at the fair stand. Due to the exceptionally diversified backgrounds of the visitors, those conversations ranged from “Where can I apply?” to “I assume there are no open positions for chemistry students?”. Apparently, even though our company representatives got to know fields of studies they did not even know existed, not all visitors were a perfect match for accilium.

However, they again experienced that VR glasses exert a certain force of attraction to all of the students, regardless of what kind of lectures they were visiting. The virtual room has been constructed after the concept of a museum and offers a much more tangible experience than a common company presentation.

Getting the opportunity to walk through a virtual room and discover acciliums´ vision, its business fields and company members by solely wearing glasses definitely got us some “Ah´s” and “Oh´s”. Seeing the approximately 50 accilium team members hanging there in the form of paintings definitely is impressive. Who would have ever thought of them as Mona Lisas?

Encouraged by further proof that Virtual Reality not only triggers strong fascination across all groups but also represents a future plattform for recruiting purposes, we left with the knowing that there might be potential future acc’sies willing to leave Hannover for accilium.

And of course, the mandatory picture with the frog was taken. Unfortunately, he did not turn into a prince…

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