A woman standing in what seems to be here flat wearing a virtual reality device. In the background you can see through a window and get a glimpse of neighbour buildings.

Use Cases for Virtual Reality in KMUs

Digitalization at your fingertips! This is our credo when it comes to integrating digitization in companies, regardless of size, and also to exemplify it with accilium and our 100% digital DNA. In the course of the digitization weeks powered by systempilot, we therefore presented concrete use cases for virtual reality in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Use cases that can be implemented in a company without much effort and, above all, immediately and help with the digitization of internal and external processes:

  • Organization of the first global & virtual Global VR Recruiting Day for digital recruiting & employer branding
  • Development of virtual design sprints to digitize innovation processes

Find out more in the video lecture on Use Cases for Virtual Reality in SMEs:

Another use case for virtual reality in business

Another example of a concrete use case is the digitization of one’s own product showroom and the creation of a virtual community of brand enthusiasts who can network with each other and exchange information about their products. We have developed a first prototype for this with the technology of our platform partner Arthur Technologies: veare.io.

It is important to understand that the integration of new technologies such as virtual reality and the digitization of a company is a step-by-step process. Therefore, it is our concern to develop use cases for different digitization levels and to accompany you step by step in this process.

If you would like to dive deeper into the topic of Virtual Reality in the business sector, you are welcome to download our slidedeck. For any questions about the technology or to discuss further use cases for your company, please feel free to contact us directly.