Capability Company building

9 building blocks for a profitable business model

Innovation must be considered holistically – from the idea to implementation. This is because innovation development often fails not because of promising ideas, but rather because of a stringent process-related implementation. The focus should be on establishing the underlying business…

How to build a software organization sustainably

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Traditional industry players are challenged wirth a rapidly growing digital environment. Hence, they are eager to speed up their transformation efforts and excel the transition from hardware to software provider to keep ahead of their competition.

3 ideas on how to innovate during a crisis

Using a crisis as an opportunity to disrupt your business model is easier said than done. Right now, the web is flooded with articles on the importance of agility, digitization and disruption post-corona.

3 Myths about hydrogen mobility

In their guest commentary, Welf Wiemer and Alexander Hotowy from accilium describe the potential applications of (green) hydrogen in the mobility sector. More information about (green) hydrogen in the mobility sector.

How will the future OEM Business Model look like?

Mobility.Pioneers 2018: How will the future OEM Business Model look like? The second edition of Mobility.Pioneers, which again took place at the Muffatwerk in Munich, was the ultimate meeting point for tech innovators in the mobility field, bringing the world’s…

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