Capability Data governance

The Electric Vehicle market in data

A car, seen from the right side, driving towards the sunset on a road in between two fiels of grass. on the right side of the street a solar plant is visible.
With electromobility the future will be eco-friendly, quiet and efficient. To better understand a market that has evolved strongly in recent years we have summarised public data and developed an "EV Ecosystem Dashboard."

Towards the future of mobility

An event for forward-thinking​ For the second time, since its formation in 2017, the MQ! Innovation Summit run by Audi took place from November 8-9. For two days it transformed Ingolstadt, the rather placid Bavarian hometown of Audi, into a…

Part 2: Infrastructure holds the key

As we have learned in the first article of this series, policies can have a major impact on the deployment of hydrogen mobility. Still the infrastructure acts as a bottleneck for that deployment. In this article we will show how…