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Regulatorische Herausforderungen in der Automobilindustrie

Picture of PPT Slidedeck with people standing in front of a wireframed car.
The rapid evolution of connectivity and autonomous driving offers unique customer experiences, but at the same time poses major challenges to OEMs. Thereby, particular focus is set on Software Update Management Systems (SUMS) and Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS).

Der Markt der Elektromobilität in Daten

A car, seen from the right side, driving towards the sunset on a road in between two fiels of grass. on the right side of the street a solar plant is visible.
Mit Elektromobilität wird die Zukunft umweltfreundlich, leise und effizient. Um den Markt besser zu verstehen, haben wir Daten zusammengefasst und ein "EV Ecosystem Dashboard" entwickelt.