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Accelerating the
Mobility and Energy Transition

We invest in early-stage STARTUPS who want to leave their mark in building the mobility and energy sector. 

We validate problems together with CORPORATES who are willing to invest in solving long-term problems


Validate your Business Idea with accilium Ventures

Venture building is a collaborative process where we partner with corporations in the mobility sector to create new business models that can significantly contribute to their profits within 5-7 years. Our aim is to help de-risk the process of building new, non-core businesses that can explore and exploit new strategic areas of growth outside of the corporation’s core competencies.

Building and Investment Phases of accilium Ventures






We align on strategic areas of interest, and unfair advantages. This lets us search for the best venture opportunities to co-create (or co-invest in). We look for BIG opportunities with high growth potential and large addressable markets.


12-15 MONTHS

Ideas which pass both accilium Venutres and the corporate’s Investment committee get funding and runway to iterate the business model and prove product-market fit.

Launching in the market, the founding venture team rapidly iterates towards a repeatable business model.



The venture is strategically aligned and drawing down on the corporate’s unfair advantages, focused on rapid growth.

We agree to KPIs that will set enterprise value at the Take-Control stage.



With the venture proven, we exit (typically year 4, 5 or 6) and sell our share to the corporate.

Our model ensures the corporate can always take 100% ownership. The corporate already owns 30-40% of the venture and has agreed upon KPIs that trigger the valuation.

We're searching for pre-seed teams in the mobility and energy ecosystem

accilium Ventures invests in startups to leverage our market access
We are focused on software-driven companies in DACH that accelerate the digital transformation within the mobility & energy ecosystem


Mobility Market

Automotive & Transporation

Public & Infrastructure

Energy & Environment



Minority Share

€ 50k

  • Our team supports early-stage mobility and energy startups with:


We are the people Behind accilium Ventures


Alexander Raucher | accilium

Alexander Rauscher

Alexander Hotowy | accilium

Alexander Hotowy

Peter Allan

Nils Lenhardt

USP for Startups


We invest €50k in your team

Market access to DAX companies

We introduce you to your target audience

Founder DNA

We have built many companies ourselves

We help you generate initial traction and gain operational expertise. Our vast network of corporate partners is always eager to try out innovative, software-driven technologies. 

We focus on teams who can add value – amongst others – to  the following clients:

Companies we've Invested in

We believe in backing teams that think “problem-first” and accelerate the trend towards the mobility ecosystem of the future. Here are a few highlights from our investment portfolio 


      • Co-Investing in Karla, which is tackling the problem of ‘Where is my order’ when shopping online
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      • Co-Investors:

Rethink Ventures

      • Co-Investing in the €50 million specialist fund focused on mobility, automotive and logistics in the Rethink Mobility Fund 1.
  • Website | Press
  • Co-Investors:

Companies we've Built

We own the founders DNA. As restless entrepreneurs, we venture out to start building businesses with a similar idea in mind “building a more sustainable and customer centric mobility ecosystem for the future”.


andamp uses the power of technology to empower people in what they are doing. Depending on their ideas and needs, andamp develops, shapes, and improves software products to increase the digital resilience of their clients. supports clients in the planning and implementation of transformation projects. In order to be able to offer the full spectrum of change architecture, they work together with a wide range of experts and partners.


ecoquadrat enables the economic design of energy and mobility communities in Austria. Their experts and service partners analyse and plan energy and mobility communities for clients.

Our Partners

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I am looking forward to support your journey towards the mobility ecosystem of the future.

Nils Lenhardt | Director accilium Ventures