New Mobility & Transportation

New Mobility & Transportation

We envision a future where customers will be provided with holistic solutions, not constituent parts. We think differently and that's why we segment in use cases and not in product categories or industries.

Passenger short distance & urban mobility

Urbanization is taking its toll on cities, with more than half of the world's population living in cities today. Efficient and effective urban transport is key for these megacities to continue to thrive and remain viable for their citizens.

Passenger long distance mobility

People are more mobile than ever. Autonomous cars will change the way we travel. Shared fleets will allow for new ways of multi modal transportation. It will be essential to design this form of transportation in a sustainable way.

Transportation of goods

Online retail is growing significantly, consumers now expect flawless and quick order fulfillment. Together with drones, self-driving trucks will take on this challenge and reshape the way goods are transported and delivered.