Part I: Is Autonomous Driving Really Ready for the Street?

Driverless Cars, renewed urban traffic concepts, new business models in and around mobility solutions – discussions about an autonomous future entail all of these vibrant topics, and so did our MaaS Conference in November 2019. Which are the challenges, cities and governments are facing? What technological solutions are already available, and which issues are vehicle manufacturers confronted…

A car-free inner city – effects on traffic, local residents and businesses

The ongoing megatrend of urbanization makes cities all over the world grow in size, putting high pressure on the mobility infrastructure. With available streetscape being a limited resource, the allocation of the available space among modes of mobility is subject of an ongoing social and political debate. In Austria, the debate is currently focusing on the reduction of car traffic in the very…

An empty road in an asian city in the middle of buildings on the left and right side of the road.
A colourful html data set on a screen that vanishes towards the right side of the picture into a darker shade.

How to build a software organization sustainably

A challenge traditional industry players have been dealing with maybe not overnight but for the last years in a rapidly growing digital environment. Hence, they are eager to speed up their transformation efforts and excel the transition from hardware to software provider to keep ahead of their competition. On the verge of this major shift they are facing 3 dominating trends to be addressed with…


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