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You will find some detailed information about accilium:

  • About your career path at accilium as well as what a day in a life as a consultant at accilium might look like for you.
  • Further you will get some insights in our journey, where we come from and where we are going as well as insights in our project-landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

You still have questions? Explore our FAQ section for answers!

The section provides quick answers to the questions we hear most frequently.

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Why does accilium have a two-phase recruitment process? 

Each phase serves a distinct purpose: 

– Interview: Emphasis on personal and cultural fit.

– accilium Test (part of the interview phase): Focus on analytical capabilities. As a consultant, problem-solving abilities are crucial for addressing clients’ challenges.

– Case Interview: Emphasis on problem-solving skills. The Case Interview revolves around a problem statement, assessing how well you can handle challenges for our clients. It evaluates your capacity to structure problems, gather relevant information, formulate coherent solutions, and communicate your thought process effectively under high-pressure situation.

How should I prepare for my Interview?

  • Be authentic. Familiarize yourself with the accilium story, our services, and our clients. Preparing some questions in advance is always beneficial.

Do I need to prepare for my Case Interview?

  • Absolutely. Preparation is crucial. Explore consulting cases online to understand how problem statements may appear and how to make assumptions while asking the right questions. For the Excel portion, become acquainted with common formulas.

What is the time gap between the Interview and Case Interview?

  • We prioritize a swift process. We aim to schedule the Case Interview promptly after your Interview. Therefore, ensure you submit the accilium Test promptly to expedite the evaluation process (interview assessment and test results determine your progression).

In which language will the (Case) Interview be conducted?

  • Your initial Interview will be in German. The Case Interview will be in German if you are not a native speaker. For German-native speakers, it will be conducted in English.

When do I need to complete the accilium Test, and what does it involve?

  • Following your Interview, you’ll be required to complete the accilium Test (within 24h) . You will have 30 minutes to solve logical, analytical questions (single choice). The GMAT format gives you an idea.

Can I visit the office location during the recruitment process? 

  • We will gladly invite you to one of our office locations. Just let us know, and we will connect you with a acc’sie from your preferred office location.

Will one of the interviewers be my Manager? 

  • Employees are assigned based on experience and project requirements. (Case) Interviewers are assigned based on availability.

What tools can support my professional development at accilium?

  • We provide various resources to help you grow both personally and professionally as quickly as possible. Key components include our Trainings curriculum (external trainings), internal training formats (Best Practice Sharings),  our Competency Profile, Management 1o1’s (conducted weekly), Communities (such as Smart City, Energy, Sustainability/CSRD), and more.

What steps do I need to take to achieve a promotion, and is there a specific timeline?

  • Our Competency Profile outlines the path to becoming a successful consultant, offering guidance for each acc’sie. Progress in each competency is assessed throughout the year in your 1o1’s with your Manager and during your mid-term performance discussion. Promotions are typically determined during your full-term performance evaluation.

What criteria must I meet to qualify for a performance bonus?

  • Your performance bonus amount is influenced by factors such as your progress in the Competency Profile, mid-/full-term performance evaluations, utilization, and individual project performance. The performance bonus is a combination of these factors along with the overall success of accilium.

Can you explain what utilization means?

  • As a consulting company, accilium provides services to clients. acc’sies meet their goals if they can book their time on client projects (utilization).

  • You are required to allocate 85% to 65% (depending on your rank) of your time to client engagements/projects (billable hours). Utilization is the ratio of billable hours to non-billable hours.

What expectations are there for a (Senior) Associate?

  • As a (Senior) Associate, you’ll engage directly with clients, have partial ownership of projects, and take on initial leadership responsibilities, such as overseeing interns/working students. Our Competency Profile outlines the personal and professional capabilities needed to create an exceptional team and deliver outstanding management consulting services to clients.

What tasks and responsibilities come with the role of Associate Manager?

  • We are committed to your growth toward the Manager role, which includes collaboratively developing a Management case with a Partner/Manager. As an Associate Manager, you are already part of the Management Team and hold disciplinary responsibility for acc’sies (conducting 1o1’s/Performance Talks/decisions on bonuses/career development). Additionally, you will be involved in BD & Sales, selling/upselling smaller projects and recruitment. 

How quickly can I advance to the role Manager?

  • The typical progression is two years from Associate to Senior Associate, followed by another two years to Associate Manager, and an additional one to two years to develop your Management Case and attain the Manager role.

Is it possible for me to work remotely (Home Office)?

  • You have the option to work 50% from Home Office and 50% from one of our office locations or the client site. We stress the importance of collaboration, viewing the office as a space for interaction and socializing. Developing leadership skills is challenging from the living room. accilium is keen on your swift growth into a leadership role, making office presence crucial for both our Managers and acc’sies.

Do I need to relocate to one of accilium’s office locations?

  • We place a strong emphasis on personal interaction, ruling out full-time remote work. You can work 50% in Home Office and 50% at the office/client site.

Does accilium offer relocation support?

  • We gladly cover a 5-night hotel stay (in your first week).

How long do I have to be with accilium to change office locations? 

  • You can request a change in office location after one year at accilium (via an approval request). The accilium offices run separately hence are responsible for their payroll. It’s a Managing Partner’s decision on whether the team will be extended or not.

What measures are in place to ensure equal rights and treatment across all office locations? 

  • In each accilium office location, members of the management team are represented. Additionally, our founders travel frequently to each office location. Through our biweekly company-wide jour fixe (RoN), we ensure everyone is up-to-date on the latest developments. Our intranet (acc’sNet) provides information, and 1o1’s with your Direct Manager extend beyond office boundaries. In essence, there are no “formal” office boundaries; we operate as a project organization.

Why should I work for accilium? 

  • With us, you take control of your own development. You contribute to building a company with limitless potential. Our growth presents numerous opportunities, and accilium offers greater flexibility compared to larger consultancies.

Why should I choose accilium over one of the Big4? 

  • accilium is not a satellite from the USA but a European company 100% owner-managed. accilium goes beyond traditional consulting. If you enjoy working with a team of highly talented individuals who are not just colleagues but lifelong connections, forming a professional network even beyond your time with accilium, you’ve found your place.

Why does accilium has a mandatory christmas break?

  • We believe it’s easier to fully recharge if everyone takes a break at the same time. We want you to relax and recharge your batteries.

What perks and benefits does accilium offer? 

  • You have an annual performance-related salary increase, engage in Management 1o1’s (coaching sessions), and enjoy access to corporate benefits (discounts on various products and services). Sponsored sports events (covering entry fees and outfits) and participation in team and all-company events (including merchandise) are part of the package. Additionally, accilium covers the cost of your public transport ticket. The buddy program and a comprehensive onboarding process during the first three months facilitate a smooth start. You partake in external trainings and internal knowledge exchanges. Lastly, you have the privilege of using your iPhone for personal use.

How many vacation days will I have? 

  • You will have 25 regular days in Austria and an impressive 30 (!) days in Germany. Additional vacation days can be obtained by converting your monetary performance bonus into additional vacation days (during your full-term performance talk).

Why is the amount of vacation days in Austria and Germany different? 

  • We prioritize fairness. Due to more public holidays in Austria compared to Germany, we aim to provide compensation for this discrepancy.

Am I able to work remotely?

  • You have the flexibility to work from anywhere, up to 20 days per year within the EU.

How does the general project setup look like? 

  • We thrive to have mobility experts across all three sectors (Automotive & Transport, Public Sector & Infrastructure and Energy & Environment).
  • In terms of project types we offer conceptual/implementation projects (larger teams of around 10-15 people) as well as strategic projects strategic projects (small teams of 2-3 individuals for short-term engagements). Ratio: 80% conceptual projects and 20% strategic projects. In dependence of the project, there is rather rapid customer interaction, allowing team members to assume responsibility quickly for specific work packages, and often provide the perspective of a sub-project or project leadership role (conceptual/implemenation projects). 

When will I first engage with the client?

  • You will engage with the client as soon as you are onboarded by your project colleagues (typically within the first month). You will seamlessly integrate into the project structure from day one.

With whom will I be collaborating on the client side?

  • Collaboration can extend from upper to top management, including board members, depending on the project and sector.

Is there flexibility for me to choose the project I’ll be working on?

  • At accilium, as in any other consultancy, chance plays a role (the luck of the competent). We align project demands with the capabilities and skills of our employees. While you have the opportunity to express rotation preferences, these are considered during staffing.

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