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Why Data Driven Business Models?

Data are being praised as the new gold of companies. But leveraging the potential of data is not as easy as it appears at first glance. The reasons are multifaceted: many companies lack expertise in the areas of data cleaning and storage, and data often only become valuable when aggregated with data from competitors or players in another industry. The time has come for accilium to offer a structured approach for the issues companies face in the context of their digitalization initiatives.

Key Questions

  • Is my company ready to discuss data driven business models?
  • Which strategic goals is my company pursuing?
  • Are we considering B2B or B2C monetization?
  • How can I validate an idea in a structured way?
  • How do I improve market potential through cross-industry initiatives?

How We Work

Our approach is centered around three elements:

  1. Cross-industry know-how through experts from the automotive, energy, public, telecommunication and banking industries.
  2. A dual technology and business perspective with direct realization possibilities.
  3. A structured approach that considers both the capabilities of the organization, as well as a stringent definition of objectives.

We complete an analysis based on a series of interviews or an app-based survey at the outset of any project to understand how the organization works with data, as well as organizational responsibilities and competencies. This process allows us to define what success will mean in the organizational context and provide recommendations for next steps.

Once the requirements in the organization have been established and the definition of success is clear, we proceed to analyse the potential. We apply different methods depending on whether the stated objectives fall under business process optimization, customer interaction, or additional revenue streams.

The final stage involves operationalization of the evaluated potential.

What we Deliver

We determine what steps are needed on the path to the successful monetization of data. We lead discussions with cross-industry expertise and ideas. Last, but not least, we offer complete implementation support, both internally as a consultancy and with our technology partners in the form of an outsources joint venture with our own business model.