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Why Customer Journey Design?

Whether you have a product or a service, your key to success is always a customer who loves your product or service. To make a customer love your product, you need to make it easy to understand, provide features and functions that alleviate certain customer pains and make the product easy to access. Customer journey design focuses on the issue of access, enabling a seamless and barrier-free customer journey, that is perfectly aligned with your corporate identity. This approach is crucial to scaling your business and ensuring sustainable growth.

How We Work

Our first step is to work together with our clients to take a different perspective and put ourselves in the customer's shoes. It makes it easier to understand what moments of truth appear along a customer's journey.

  • Although every customer is unique, we recommend customer segments (personas) to narrow down how many of your customers as well as prospects you are targeting when you are contemplating a certain feature or debating on whether to provide this product/service through a certain channel
  • After developing the personas (we recommend no more than 5), we break down a predefined set of use cases, defined by your customer's intention when they interact with your company
  • We then perform a walkthrough according to the predefined use cases. We recommend doing this in working sessions with interdisciplinary teams to capture as many perspectives as possible. Ideally, have actual customers participate in those workshops. We offer workshops in our accilium virtual reality rooms, because it puts all the participants into the right mindset, right away
  • We use a customer journey map, which makes it easier to identify all the steps a customer must take, all touchpoints on various channels that occur along their journey and possible pains or gains that might occur
  • Based on those findings, we develop an engagement plan. We evaluate those actions and set priorities according to implementation effort and customer benefit

What We Deliver

We see customer journey design as something that should not just be happening in the sales and aftersales departments of companies, but along the entire value chain. Customer focus should be incorporated into every development and production process, and refined during the customer journey design. During our customer journey design workshops, we ensure the right mix of industry specific expertise and external perspective.

Deliverables include:

... personas based on your current customer base, as well as and analysis of what personas are most likely to be the most important in the future

... a customer journey map, breaking down all the relevant touchpoints of your customers with your brand and how to enhance the experience with those

... an engagement plan, including the most relevant actions you need to take now to create a seamless and hassle-free customer journey, to reach more prospective customers and increase customer loyalty



Photo by Nasa on Unsplash