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We build to evolve

Culture at accilium

accilium is built upon a digital mindset and a learning culture. We believe that besides enabling partners and clients to evolve, this is also essential for our employees. That’s why we implemented 9 cultural principles: as a team, but also as individuals. Feel free to click through the tiles below and find out more.

  • Leaders lead by example, no ifs and buts​
  • Equal means equal, not unequal​
  • Recruiting and team development without compromise: Coaching, Coaching, Coaching​
  • Teamwork comes first, always appreciate communication ​
  • Transparency is great, status is not​
  • Transparency needs courage, neither leaders nor employees can buy it ​
  • Work is awesome, family and friends are too​
  • Digital processes require significant IT user competence​
  • We are learning. All day, everyday, everywhere and everyone.

How we enable our employees to evolve:

  • With a sophisticated training curriculum, regular performance talks & feedback sessions
  • A buddy program to help you kickstart your career
  • Personal coaching for your individual career path

How we support personal growth:

We believe in ambitious goals that are measurable. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results and provide a framework for both individual and company goal setting. As part of our learning culture the OKR-Framework allows us to dream big, but also to measure our achievements and to push us to develop beyond our comfort zone. To read more about the OKR framework implemented at accilium, check out this article.

Make sure to check out our LinkedIn Life page to find out more about what it is really like to work at accilium. We regularly keep our Life page up to date with photos and articles related to our projects and activities.

We LEARN everydaybrand eins best consultancy 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

Our mission to help build the mobility ecosystem of the future motivates each and everyone of us to give our best and to grow personally and professionally from Day 1. At accilium you’ll not just work with leading clients (ATX & DAX) within the mobility sector (Automotive, Energy, Public) but you will find the opportunity to LEARN all day, everyday everywhere & everyone. After all, it is not self-evident to be among the Best Management Consultancies of Germany.

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