Utilizing accilium’s core competences to help start-ups prosper

accilium has a strong link to the European start-up scene, for instance through coaching and guidance for startupsof the weXelerate startup and innovation hub in Vienna. Start-ups seeking advice can request consultation in the competence fields of accilium, i.e. mobility & digitalization.

As part of this involvement, accilium’s Managing Partner Alexander Rauscher and Associate Rafael Schmid just recently mentored the mobility start-up Seyisco, which is part of the second weXelerate batch, currently residing in Vienna.

Seyisco– Analysing road surfaces for smarter cities  

Seyisco, founded 2014 in Ankara, offers a platform solution to detect and map potholes and other damages on public roads. For that, Seyisco provides its customers with a self-developed hardware solution, which is mounted on municipal vehicles and constantly scans roads for damages. The mapped information is then sold to cities. By detecting road damages quickly, local authorities can initiate the repair work early and thus save money through lower repair costs.

accilium assisted by discussing the business model scope and challenging Seyisco’s current pricing model. Furthermore, potential business partners were identified and other helpful contacts for extended pilot projects in the Vienna region were provided as SarpBilecen, Co-Founder and Head of Sales of Seyisco states:

“As a smart-city-start-up, focussing on road surface analysis and data mapping, we faced a lot of challenges trying to expand into a new ecosystem. accilium has often played a great role in introducing us to inspiring business solutions we had not noticed before and opening up a network of people that we could not have reached so fast otherwise. accilium has differentiated itself with an extremely fast diffusion rate to their network, often concluding the contact/reference process in a few hours, as well as pointing out weaknesses and strengths that often go unnoticed in potential partnerships. After implementing and innovating on the advice they have provided, we have made significant progress in production and maintenance management along with the generation of new partnerships.”

We wish the Seyisco team best of luck for the further development of their solution and in extending their Austrian network.

You can find more information about the start-up on www.seyis.co and www.wexelerate.com.