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Reach your career peak

We strive to build a dream team. Continuous growth of every acc’sie is important for us and even more for every acc’sie him*herself. Therefore we designed a career path that is 100% transparent: Rank, performance and salary follow a company-wide standard.

From Associate to Manager… in 5 years

When we say accelerating we mean it. Through our unique approach of individual people year, your performance is acknowledged and factored into your career advancement right from day one. Unlike traditional all-company promotion schedules that often entail waiting periods, we believe in recognizing talent and dedication, based on your specific entry date.

We are learning. All day, everyday, everywhere & everyone.


To reach your full potential, you will be equipped with all the tools that enable you to do so. A specific curriculum and various formats for interactive and independent training on your professional skills will be part of your journey.


To support your professional advancement, you will dispose of a comprehensive certification program. This program offers a range of industry-recognized certifications tailored to various roles and career paths.

Competency Profile

The competency profile is a comprehensive framework comprising behavioural anchors that you will aim to fulfil to achieve success in your role within accilium. These behavioural anchors serve as guidelines, helping you to align your actions with the company’s core virtues and performance expectations.

Manager 1-on-1

Manager 1-on-1 sessions are dedicated to fostering your personal growth and development, which forms a crucial aspect of our performance management approach. These regular talks serve as opportunities to assess your progress along your career path.

OKR Culture

You will use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to establish and communicate clear goals and track progress towards achieving them. OKRs offers you a framework for setting specific and measurable goals.


Communities are designed to align with our future-oriented mission, enabling you to drive innovation and progress. Within each community, you will find a dedicated Lead, who you can rely on to keep the community lively.

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