iCONDU helps to better understand automotive product development with gamification

Understanding the automotive product development process with gamification

Making complex context accessible and understandable is one of the key strengths of our platform partner iCONDU.

Our Ingolstadt-based friends outperformed themselves doing so, by developing a simulation game, which represents the automotive virtual product development process.

accilium consultants met up with iCONDU’s Hanna Junglas, Barbara Holzner and Michael Holzner (CEO, iCONDU) to get some insights in how their newest invention works.

After spending an evening playing the entertaining game, which was developed to train employees of an automotive OEM, all had learned a lot about the product development process.

Gamification helping to understand complex processes

Teaching a complex topic through the use of gamification can clearly help to facilitate successful change management, which could be experienced first hand with the innovative game solution of iCONDU.

“I wouldn’t have imagined, that answering quiz cards and building LEGO cars with a board game could teach me so much about a complex technical topic”, says one acc’sie. “I can clearly see the benefits of the gamification aspects, as you stay focused during the whole game” adds another acc’sie.

Although the victory went to only one team, everybody won this evening. “Understanding the core processes required for the development of highly complex products, such as today’s cars, helps a lot when we support our clients building the mobility ecosystem of the future”, summarizes Alexander Rauscher.

We thank iCONDU for having us and showing us this innovative training method, and are looking forward to broaden our partnership in the future.