From Hurdles to Symbiosis: What are the Key Challenges of Data Exchange in Cooperation Projects?

In today’s dynamic automotive landscape, players within the industry are increasingly recognizing the value of collaborations to leverage their own business success. Joint business activities in different formats have emerged as a compelling solution to tackle industry-wide challenges, offering the potential for more innovation, higher efficiency, and shared expertise. As companies combine forces, they find themselves facing new hurdles such as setting up lean and structured information exchange processes and managing vast amounts of data generated.

With the advent of advanced technologies and the rise of interconnected systems, data generation levels have reached unprecedented heights. This massive influx of data poses significant hurdles in terms of storage, processing, and sharing with cooperation partners. This is especially challenging in cooperations that entail joint development of vehicles, for which reason the ability to share vital information swiftly and accurately amongst collaborators is essential for the success of these projects. Traditionally, companies within the automotive industry have relied on established tool landscapes to manage their work and data flows. Now, to meet the specific conditions of collaborative projects, companies must provide new technical solutions to enable seamless data exchange within those legacy tool landscapes. 

A way forward to streamline established work and data flows is the creation of a Data Exchange Centre (DEC). At its core, a DEC functions as a centralized hub that integrates and merges the necessary APIs across collaborating entities. This integration enables the frictionless and efficient flow of large volumes of data in automated actions, facilitating effective cooperation without hindrance.

accilium has exhaustive experience with regards to the organizational and technical set-up of DECs within joint business activities in the automotive industry. Drawing from our firsthand industry expertise, we serves as a sparring partner and supports clients through the entire process of setting up a robust DEC, ensuring that data exchange challenges are addressed effectively, and by that paving the way for successful collaborations. 

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