accilium presents concept for mobility management of an energy community

Digitalisation, climate crisis, economic crisis – the energy and mobility sectors are facing major challenges. Community action, as facilitated by energy- and mobility-communities, is a key lever to address these in the future and to meet the demands of a networked society.

Energy communities make an important contribution to the energy and mobility transition: In these, at least two participants join forces for the joint production, use and utilisation of locally generated energy.

Sustainable energy and mobility are inseperably linked

Electrically powered vehicles play an important role on the path to sustainable mobility. However, they are only one of many possible solutions: with the help of mobility communities, further, previously unrecognised potential can be realised. The goal should be to use energy from sustainable sources in transport on the one hand, but also to consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions on the other.

Sustainable energy and mobility are thus already closely linked and must be considered holistically. The integration of mobility into energy communities is an important instrument for this and leads to synergy effects in both sectors.

accilium offers holistic solutions for the utilisation of open potentials

As an expert in the fields of mobility and energy, accilium combines knowledge and experience in both sectors . With the help of a holistic approach, we support closing the gap between energy and mobility and develop holistic concepts.

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