Meike Wenzl


Lead Customer Centricity

Meike is an engineer by trade but an innovator by heart. Her fascination with the automotive industry started ever since she changed her first car v-belt during her engineering studies.

She brings years of experience in building end-to-end innovation processes and their sustainable integration as an important competence to the consultancy. She believes in creating environments that enable everyone to imagine the seemingly impossible. Meike is passionate about bringing people together, empowering them to rethink and enabling the development of “moonshots” with clients. With this skill and mindset she will help to shape and accelerate the mobility of the future.

Meike is driven by the idea that if you stick to the familiar, you will not find the unexpected. Therefore, in her free time you will find Meike exploring the streets of foreign cities, wandering through forests and jungles, climbing volcanoes and mountains and befriending locals that she just met at street food places.