The three managing partner of accilium are standing on a three lane road looking towards the camera. Behind them there are cars approaching them. Its dark in the evening.

Alexander Hotowy

Alexander Hotowy | accilium

Alexander Hotowy

Managing Partner
Lead Future of work & Technology integration

Alex is a managing partner at accilium. He has extensive experience in advising OEMs not just within their R&D and production, but within their sales departments around the world.

Alex enjoys and excels at structuring the most complex problems into a few key elements, making them understandable and easier to work with. He is a role model to those working around him, as his colleagues are able to observe his work ethic and his approach to challenging situations, and then apply his attitude to their own work. This in turn benefits accilium’s clients.

Currently, he focuses almost exclusively on developing new digital business models, as well as concepts to address digitalization in the future.

In his spare time Alex enjoys sports, such as climbing and surfing, and he tries to travel the world as much as possible.