How do i make my data work for me? Get started, with the accilium Data Maturity Model

Without a doubt data is one of the most important topics of our time. It’s the fuel driving the digital transformations around the world to get ahead of competitors. Data, and the ability to leverage it, opens up opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenues in a variety of areas. To make all this possible, the areas of strategy, data governance, data analytics, data culture and technical foundation must work hand in hand. 

Despite the common ground, that all these components are vital to stay relevant in tomorrow competitive environment many organizations fail to derive the promised value of their data projects. Studies show that 3/4 of organizations say, that they didn’t manage to become data-driven1 and 9/10 executives say that they face major issues with cultural aspects2.

Why do we see a mismatch between effort and reward?

We developed the accilium data maturity model to structure and guide organizations within their own data journeys. Every organization, every division has its own baseline from where they start and ambitions how far they want to go on their data journey. Within each of the stages different challenges and opportunities occur, demanding a customized approach to avoid the bumpy roads other companies have already gone on their data initiatives. 

Download the accilium data maturity Model now:

PDF: Data Maturity Model
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Where to start?

Based on our years of experiences driving digital transformations, data has always been at the core of our engagements bringing together the technical proficiency combined with the deep expertise on the change and communication aspects of such transformations. 

This enables us to look beyond the narrow view on single aspects and to have a holistic view on strategy, data governance, data analytics and organizational embedding. No matter what level you are currently at, we will find the right fit for your technical and organizational challenges.

One thing always holds true, also for Data Analytics & Governance initiatives …nothing’s build to last until it’s build to evolve. If you want to find out more about how to overcome common pitfalls we saw at numerous clients and to build lasting impact, get in touch with us.

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