Florian Hack | accilium

Florian Hack

Head of Digital Marketing

Florian is a digital marketing & brand enthusiast focusing on various channels, contents and methods to take accilium’s recognition to the next level(s). With a study background in publicity & communication sciences he has gained experience in the advertising, marketing, event, PR and publishing industry. He has directed projects for clients in the public and mobility sector, tech corporations, energy and real estate companies.

He specializes on performance marketing, graphic design, copywriting and multi-channel communication strategies in order to raise accilium’s brand reputation. Thereby Florian also focuses on current media trends, algorithms, analytics and the implementation of powerful tools.

You will find Florian either behind a kitchen unit cooking for his friends and family, in the gym to compensate the latest dinners, the football stadium or just any large group of people that’s vividly discussing or laughing about just anything.