A car, seen from the right side, driving towards the sunset on a road in between two fiels of grass. on the right side of the street a solar plant is visible.

The Electric Vehicle market in data

With electromobility the future will be eco-friendly, quiet and efficient. As the importance of electromobility continuously grows, the number of companies entering into this field is also growing continuously. To better understand a market that has evolved strongly in recent years we have summarised public data and developed an “EV Start-up Dashboard.”

From revenue and market capitalisation of EV Start-Ups to the global location or the number of female founders in the sector: You can display a variety of data, combinations and categories. The different buttons caneither be used for page navigation or to change certain visuals.

There are various dropdowns and sliders available on each page to filter the data according to the parameters you’re interested in. At a time, one or more of the filters can be applied and the visuals will be updated accordingly. Additionally, the visuals can also be used as filters by clicking on them. To use more visuals as filters, click on the visuals while holding the “Ctrl” key.

All data is obtained from public sources which we have not independently verified it. Thus, there might be some discrepancies in the datasets and since we only update the dashboard in intervals, some data might be outdated. Please read the disclaimer in the “guide” section.