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Here at accilium, we not only provide consulting services to help our clients digitalize their entire supply chain, but we also aim to digitalize the consulting business itself. In cooperation with our partner, Arthur Technologies, we are offering a brand new consulting model: virtual reality (VR) consulting and workshop services.

VR workshops are not intended as a replacement for the traditional in-person meeting or workshop. Instead, we're looking to supplement your business with an unparalleled mode of communication. Because there are no distractions such as laptops or phones in VR, the experience becomes more engaging, more interactive, and more memorable than a traditional meeting. This complete participant immersion makes VR the ideal tool for efficient communication by demanding full engagement whilst offering total geographical flexibility.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Unlimited workshop environments: whiteboards, browsers, 3D-models, a view of the New York skyline? The options are endless.
  • Reduced travel times and costs, greater scheduling flexibility.
  • Automatic meeting documentation: transcripts, screenshots. 

accilium is the only VR consulting service provider in Austria with industry-specific knowledge of the energy-, utility-, infrastructure-, and public sectors. Our unique combination of technical expertise and deep experience in management consulting allows us to structure VR workshops in an efficient and purposeful manner. We bring together distributed teams to discuss and iterate on ideas seamlessly within the same shared space.


See you in VR!

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