Teresa Havlicek | accilium

Teresa Havlicek

Senior Consultant

Teresa is a versatile talent and it is precisely her extensive experience with different industries, people and projects that make her a great consultant. She approaches any topic with a lot of dedication.

Due to her interest in sustainability, she even founded a student organization at Vienna University of Business and Economics, dedicated to the topic which is still active today. After graduating, she gained profound experience in content creation, online marketing and publishing and worked in journalism for some years. Through working as Head of Content and SEO for one of Austria’s largest travel portals, she found her passion for working at the interface between business and IT. In IT consulting she found the right working environment to put her strong analytics and conceptual skills to work for the benefit of her customers. Currently, she is particularly interested in user experience design, change management in agile transformations and digital process management.

When she is not reading up on the latest IT trends, Teresa enjoys yoga, hiking and trying out new types of sports.