Nisheet Nargund


As mobility is one of the basic pillars of day-to-day life, it is highly versatile and must undergo continuous changes. It is crystal clear that the world is moving towards digitalization and the field of mobility is no different. These facts combined with the passion for automobiles compelled Nisheet to join accilium.

He is very interested in new technologies and is excited by the transformation potential, they offer in the mobility sector. Having already gained experience in the production and management areas of automotive industry, Nisheet believes he can understand both the sides quite well and can contribute in shaping the future of mobility.

Just like technical competencies, Nisheet likes to build extra-curricular competencies as well! He is interested in all kinds of ball sports, travels regularly and likes to learn new musical instruments. Thus, you will find him either in one of the playgrounds, jamming around somewhere, just relaxing around with his friends or in a different city altogether!