Mehdi Zouari


Mehdi is a dynamic member of our team who combines a unique blend of curiosity, technical skills and a passion for the future of mobility. Mehdi’s journey into the world of mobility began with a childhood fascination for race cars, which eventually developed into a profound interest in the automotive industry and the mobility sector as a whole. This unwavering enthusiasm has accompanied him throughout his career.​

With a background in both business administration and mechanical engineering, Mehdi is a well-rounded professional who has the rare ability to bridge the gap between the technical and economic aspects of the automotive industry. Mehdi international exposure has broadened his horizons and allowed him to thrive​ in diverse teams: an essential trait for successfully navigating the complex landscape of the modern mobility industry.​

Outside of the office, Mehdi strikes a balance between his energetic and reflective sides. He enjoys spending quality time with friends, engaging in sports like football or snowboarding, or simply enjoying a refreshing drink at a cozy bar.