Marius Kling

Senior Associate

Sustainable business management, strategic management and organization sparked Marius’ interest during his master’s studies and form the foundation for his current competencies.​​

Through his many years in consulting, Marius was able to build a wealth of experience in various corporate functions such as logistics, production and finance & accounting. Marius was able to acquire his skills in designing efficient processes and effective organizational structures, an awareness of the overall financial picture and an analytical-strategic mindset in the automotive & automotive trade, beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

In particular, the rapid change and ever-changing conditions in the mobility sector, drive Marius to challenge the status quo together with customers and colleagues.​​

In his free time, Marius enjoys outdoor activities in the mountains such as skiing or mountain biking and spending time with family and friends. On vacation, he likes to travel to new countries to experience culture and cuisine.