Lukas Riegler | accilium

Lukas Riegler

Senior Associate

After his studies in petroleum engineering, Lukas’ focus shifted to work on a more ecological and sustainable energy supply. Together with the mobility sector, the energy sector is undergoing a major upheaval. Ensuring the supply of renewable energy, but above all being able to offer it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively is certainly a difficult task for the coming years. Through his experience with a large energy supplier, Lukas has already become familiar with the energy landscape and has now joined accilium to tackle these problems together in the coming years.

In his free time, Lukas can usually be found outdoors, either playing tennis, golf, ice hockey or in the mountains. On weekends, Lukas mainly pursues his second passion, culinary arts. He likes to get creative in the kitchen, cooking and preparing drinks to share with his friends or family afterwards.