Leon Steiner


In the current time, it is more important than ever to be open regarding topics such as digitalization and new work structures. The change in technology brings many different tools and applications with it, that can generate a great deal of relief in everyday work. Exploring and familiarizing oneself with these tools is an important key to sustainably support companies in this process.​

Especially the development in the field of artificial intelligence is often a big hurdle in the professional environment. A rough understanding of these processes is very important when working with clients. On the one hand, this can take away the fear of the unknown, but also make the scope of the technology tangible.​

In order to be able to address precisely these topics in the best possible way, Leon dedicated his Master’s degree to the field of computational physics, where he encountered many aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence.​

Outside of work, Leon can usually be found on the football field, where he takes on coaching responsibilities in various coordinative roles.