Kristin Schmitt | accilium

Kristin Schmitt

Associate Manager

Through utopias and dystopias, Kristin became fascinated by various concepts of the future. Ever since she wanted to be part of the team that proactively builds that future. Urban Mobility was a natural choice since it combines her passion for mobility trends with her interest in city development.
Kristin enjoys breaking down complex phenomena into a clear and simple structure.
Understanding customer challenges in detail and working towards solving them is what drives her to excel.

Before joining accilium, Kristin was already deep diving into technological innovations and the digital transformation of the automotive industry. As Project Manager she researched on topics such as EV platform development, intelligent light systems and tire technology, and conceptualized programs for high level technical conferences.

During this time, she developed expertise notably in ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 standardization through which she could gain extensive insights into safety requirements.Kristin loves discovering new places by bike, be it in Berlin or elsewhere. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, best with a glass of Pfälzer white wine.