Ines Kollmann


Ines is deeply interested in the mobility of the future, due to the ongoing changes in the automotive and energy sectors. In fact, she sees future mobility as an exciting and multi-faceted topic, as it touches on a number of pressing global issues and aspects of modern life, from digitalization, urbanization and the environment to economics and social equity. ​

As the future of mobility involves significant technological, cultural, legal, and organizational changes, Ines aims to work on solutions and innovative ways to move people and goods to achieve holistic change. To solve such complex problems, she leverages her academic background in management with specialization in international strategy, consulting, and leadership, as well as experience from a start-up, a mid-sized, and a global advisory firm. At accilium, she can turn her passion into a profession and engage in a shared mission of accelerating the mobility revolution.​

When not working, Ines spends her time practicing various sport activities – especially outdoors, getting to know new people and countries and catching up with friends and family.