Hadi Al-Khzouz


The world is undergoing constant and essential changes that no one can escape. Challenges and Difficulties must be faced with innovative solutions and fascinating technologies that meet customers’ needs and comply with social and sustainable standards.​

Shaping the future of transportation with e-Mobility and energy industries with renewable energy cannot be done without digital solutions, and this is exactly what motivates Hadi to keep evolving and involving everything around him to secure the future of our societies and achieve a greener and smarter ambition in each perspective of our lives.​

To take a step forward towards his ultimate goal, Hadi has obtained a Master’s of science degree in Power Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and gained practical experience from a variety of professional angles, including project & quality management, research & development, and consulting.​

Hadi enjoys playing chess with his friends and doing some outdoor activities, including running and basketball.