Guo Yir Tang

Associate Manager

Guo Yir is an expert in the topics of digital strategy, project and change management, predominantly in sales, marketing and IT functions. With several years of experience in management consulting as well as holding strategic positions in technology companies, Guo Yir excels at bringing together business and technology, and driving change in complex organizations.​

In recent years, Guo Yir has worked on leading transformation projects, supporting organization-wide system roll-outs, and developing digitalization strategies. In her projects, Guo Yir is a big proponent of encouraging innovation and creativity, in order to create radically customer-centric solutions for clients and end customers alike.​

Guo Yir believes that the biggest changes can be initiated by the smallest sparks. In her free time, she finds this spark by wandering through global metropolises, by recharging with friends and family, or by trying new foods.